The ArpoLoop

We are getting closer to the final step on Arpoloop development, we add an eight step capacitor sequencer and one octave keyboard.

Arpoloop final shape will be inspired by Minimoog with a foldable voice board, the voice board will be available also in euro rack format, in the photos the last not definitive prototype.

the arpoloop

The ArpoLoop

ArpoLoop it’s the newest creation of L.E.P. electronic laboratories.
After five or more years of research and development, the volcanic mind of our analog
engineer Peppo Lasagna, created this unique instrument, virtually
inspired by the Raymond Scott pioneer work.
ArpoLoop it’s a generative analog composer, an analog computer for
musician, full-featured for creating algorithmic live music, letting you combine
melodies and rhythm, thanks to the help of his Analog Intelligent
ArpoLoop is a full Analog synthesizer in 60HP, 7U format, with a built-in
full analog rhythm and melody composer.
With full Analog terminology, we mean we don’t use any digital
component, like microprocessor or even CMOS counter IC like CD4040
etc. this guarantees you a living organic sound, always drifting to a new
Since there is no microprocessor nor memory, it can not be
programmed in the usual way, instead it can be set and guided to play a
line whose parameters are user definable and virtually infinite.
With these features, ArpoLoop offers you a unique musical experience,
where instead of programming your sequencer you are forced to play
with him.
Each time you switch on your ArpoLoop he will respond to your state of
mind, letting you compose the music of that moment, this is particularly
notable when in our time the music was the first product of human
creativity to digitally disappear, thus making the recorded music lose
Like a pianist practices with his piano, you will practice with your
ArpoLoop offering an always better improvised musical live

ArpoLoop consist of different part and modules :

  • The Voice Board.
  • The Ramp Generator.
  • The Capacitor Sequencer.
  • The Note Generator.
  • The Rhythm Generator.
  • The Octave Keyboard.

Here is a list of its features:

-4 voltage controlled oscillators (VCO)

 -VCO1 sine wave with sync and FM 

-VCO2 sine wave with FM

-VCO3 sine wave with sync and FM

-VCO4 sine-square-sawtooth with LFO option

 -4 cascadable voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA) controlled by envelope or ring modulated by VCO4

 -3 Attack-Release envelope generators (ENV) with 3 modes of operation (GATE, REPEAT, TRIG)

 -Clock generator and 3 Ramp generators for general timing

 -4 Rhythm generator to control notes and drums

 -Note generator with 2 sample\hold CV outputs

 -Bass drum (CASSA) with pitch, resonance and distortion

 -Snare drum with tom pitch and noise decay

 -6 channel Audio Mixer with level and individual out for cassa, snare, VCA 1\2, VCA 3\4

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