LepLoop Percussion Modules

Line of percussion modules based around the LepLoop cassa design.

Are an electronic euro rack modules to create percussion sound and special efx, created by L.E.P. laboratories.


Same as Leploop v2 cassa section.

Cassa CV

Add CV control over frequency and resonance with amount.


Same as cassa with an octave higher pitch range for tom and bongo like sounds.

Bongo CV

Add  cv control over frequency and resonance with amount.


Very high pitch cassa for rim shot, wood blocks, fingers snap like sounds.

Legno CV

Add CV control over frequency and resonance with amount.


Hi-hat module based around cassa design with white noise and tow release envelope.


Rullo it’s the last arrived, it’s a snare drum module based around cassa design, with cutoff over the noise generator.

Multi Ritmi

Multi Ritmi is the Multicassa analog clock divider sequencer, 3U 10 HP.

It’s outputs four, +5v 10ms trig signals and Tree trig mix signals, it has an internal tempo generator with clock in\out and a reset button.

Apart from Multicassa It adds a chaos switch for change the groove adding more chaos\instability to analog clock dividers.

Technical Info

All percussion module have tow trig input and a trig mix pot. aceepting different signal:

Trig: short trig less than 10ms will play one time, longher trig will play two times.

Cv: you can use different cv signal like envelope, lfo for trig the modules.

Audio: since cassa deseng is based around a stepped resonant filter, you can route audio signal to a trig input for filter and distorsion effect.

TRIG MIX : The rhythm played by the Cassa is the sum of the tow trig IN1 and IN2.The trig mix pot. adjust the mix between the tow trig input, great to create poly rhythms. If only IN1 or IN2 are, plug the trig mix pot. adjust the level of the trig in signal.

FREQUENCY: Adjusts the pitch of the sound of Cassa, also affects the resonance.
Frequency and resonance are related.

RESONANCE: Adjusts the resonance, i.e. the damping time, of the Cassa. Beyond a certain level the Cassa go into permanent oscillation, the level at which the oscillation begins varies with frequency.

DISTORTION: Adjusts the level of Cassa signal distortion.

FREQUENCY & RESONANCE CV IN: This are cv input to control the frequency and resonance of the module with cv, a cv in amount is available.
The cv control is made with a vactrol connected in parallel with the frequency and resonance potentiometer, this way you can set the range of modulation.

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