The New LepLoop V3

For the new version of LepLoop V3, we contacted the Iosa Ghini design studio, located in Bologna, Italy.
Together we decided to develop a new graphic for the panel and two different designs for the box.

This version of LepLoop is 3D printed with the latest Nylon PA12 powder technology with extra black semigloss finish designed by Gianluca Ghini, available on request.

LepLoop V3 - 3D Printet - PA12 - designed with Iosa Ghini

The default classic old school, solid cedar wood box handmade by Domenico, expert carpenter who lives up in the valley.

placeholder de-bug.de review leploop

de-bug.de review leploop

Some small-scale manufacturers of analogue hardware intitally go for a public-beta-test and leave the manuals out of the box when they send their devices to the distributers in order to see what they make of it.
In this case, the distributor found the box quite promising, but decided to leave the acid test to me: “Give it a go and then tell us how it works.

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Pre production prototype of leploop

Leploop pre production box and panel, handmade wooden box and laser print alluminium panel.

Chris Carter LepLoop Experiment

Totally unaspected review of LepLoop by Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, publish on soundcloud an audio of experiment testing LepLoop.

I’ve used a lot of synths over the years, but this one is something different… it’s a strange instrument. It’s small, much smaller than it appears in photos: it is part synth, part drum machine, part multi-track sequencer. I’m still figuring it all out, but initial impressions are that it’s very unpredictable and slightly unstable… but in a good way.

The LepLoop will definitely become part of my CCCL experimental arsenal and will most likely get seconded into the upcoming Throbbing Gristle experimental sets in October/November 2010.

Chris Carter CCCL

Simple 12 db low pass filter

A Simple 12 db low pass filter, use 2 BC547 NPN transistor and a stereo 100k pot for the cutoff, instead of the pot.
It’s possible to use 2 photo resistor. This filter is calibrated for 5v use, but also 9\12 volt for simple application.

I’ve developed it with Peppo at LEP lab. In Milano.
I use it in this 6 bit noise generator, video.
Val Pastel, made this filter audio test listen.

LepLoop: synth prototype

LepLoop It’s a small synth protype I’m developing with my friend Peppo.
The idea was to have a compact live analog instrument.
The circuit, it’s an original design.
The synth can produce 3/4 sound at the same time: kick, noise HH/snare,

Synth scructure

  • Osc1 wave squ. and tri.
  • Osc2 wave saw.
  • osc1 can modulate osc2
  • 2 AD envelope
  • 2 vca
  • 1 LPF diode ladder filter with cutoff and res. cv control.
  • Kick drum generator + distortion/overdrive
  • Noise generator
  • 1 LFO
  • 1 s/h
  • 1 mixer
  • 4 gate sequencer kick / S&H / env1 / env2
  • 1 16-step capacitor sequencer, the S/H sample the LFO to impute the note in the seq.
  • Different menu for clock div., step, groove, record, save and recall track.
  • Midi in
  • CV in\out