The ArpoVoce module prototype

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We are getting ready with the new synth and also the big module prototype, it’s ready. ArpoVoce it’s the Arpoloop voice board in Euro Rack format. A big module of 60HP offering all you need for a compact setup.

  • 4 voltage controlled Hz\Volt oscillators (VCO)
  • VCO1 sine wave with sync and FM
  • VCO2 sine wave with FM
  • VCO3 sine wave with sync and FM
  • VCO4 sine-square-sawtooth with LFO option
  • White Noise generator with cutoff
  • 4 cascadable voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA) controlled by envelope or ring modulated by VCO4
  • 3 Attack-Release envelope generators (ENV) with 3 modes of operation (GATE, REPEAT, TRIG) long\short mode and linear\exponential switch with CV out.
  • VCO1 and VCO3 are hard syncable via the SYNC switch.
  • VCO2 will do the pitch and VCO1 the harmonic contents, more or less like a resonant filter. (VCO1 pitch = cutoff) The same is possible with VCO3 (cutoff) and VCO4 (pitch) featuring a full two voices synth.
  • A two formant voicing is possible by syncing both VCO1 and VCO3 with the same VCO2 making possible, among others, human voice imitation.
  • The FM MOD control can produce FM synthesis as well as vibrato or envelope modulation.
  • Each VCA is connected to its own VCO and can be controlled by an envelope or by VCO4 becoming a ring modulator.
  • VCA2 and VCA4 can be routed to another VCA output, obtaining a velocity control with ext cv in, or a double modulation, up to three VCA’s can be chained.
  • A white noise can be used for VCA2 input, this can give a further piattino (high hat) sound.
  • VCA1 have an external audio input.
  • Six channels Audio Mixer with individual out for cassa, snare, stereo out with vca1\2 left and vca3\4 right, mono out.
  • Many routing capabilities, 5 or more sound at the same time, 3 voice polyphonic option, spaghetti free.


Video by Blunted Spaghetti
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The ArpoVoce module prototype

We are getting ready with the new synth and also the big module prototype, it’s ready. ArpoVoce it’s the Arpoloop...

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