The ArpoLoop

the arpoloop

For four years we have been researching and developing the new LEP synth.The Arpoloop an analog computer for musicians, an analog function generator for music. All circuits have been developed from scratch by our analog engineer Peppo Lasagna. Arpoloop is a full analog synthesizer with a built-in full analog rhythm and melody composer. Since there is not microprocessor nor memory it can not be programmed in the usual way, instead it can be set and guided to play a line whose parameters are user definable and virtually infinite. Here is a list of its features:

-4 voltage controlled oscillators (VCO)

 -VCO1 sine wave with sync and FM 

-VCO2 sine wave with FM

-VCO3 sine wave with sync and FM

-VCO4 sine-square-sawtooth with LFO option

 -4 cascadable voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA) controlled by envelope or ring modulated by a VCO

 -3 Attack-Release envelope generators (ENV) with 3 modes of operation (GATE REPEAT TRIG)

 -Clock generator and 3 Ramp generators for general timing

 -4 Rhythm generator to control notes and drums

 -Note generator with 2 sample\hold CV outputs

 -Bass drum (CASSA) with pitch, resonance, distortion and trig-mix controls

 -Snare drum with tom pitch, decay and trig-mix controls

 -6 channel Audio Mixer with level and pan switch control

Pre production prototype of leploop

Leploop pre production box and panel, handmade wooden box and laser print alluminium panel.

LepLoop: synth protype

LepLoop It’s a small synth protype I’m developping with my friend Peppo.
The idea was to have a compact live analog instrument.
The circuit it’s an original design.
The synth can produce 3/4 sound at the same time: kick, noise hh/snare,

Synth scructure

  • osc1 wave squ. and tri.
  • osc2 wave saw.
  • osc1 can modulate osc2
  • 2 AD envelope
  • 2 vca
  • 1 lpf diode ladder filter with cutoff and res. cv control
  • kick drum generator + distortion/overdrive
  • noise generator
  • 1 lfo
  • 1 s/h
  • 1 mixer
  • 4 gate sequencer kick / S&H / env1 / env2
  • 1 16 step capacitor sequencer, the S/H sample the lfo for imput the note in the seq.
  • Different menu for clock div., step, groove, record, save and recall track.
  • midi in
  • cv in\out